2002 Report

The IBM Gliding Club's 2003 AGM and Dinner were held at Lasham Club House, Sat, 8 Feb 2003
Extracts from the Chairman and Treasurer's reports are shown below

Chairman's Report

Huge thanks to Terry Salter in particular for managing the money, and to Mike Evans for continuing to manage the website, chase around the country delivering and collecting kit (like the new GPS). To Mike E and John Dunman for continuing to care for 177 and DGK.

Thanks to everyone for making it another fine year, and for coming to the AGM, good to see so many familiar faces. And thank you to all the Cross-Country members who's contribution makes a significant impression to the IBM club. I hope you will continue support us in 2003.

Fleet News
Flying Summary:
Overall a good year for flying with both gliders being used for more than our recent average time. Most flying came from John Dunman over 28 hours in DGK.
Longest flight: Nichol 301km in comps.
177 finished 7th in the comps thanks to Dennis Powell, Mike Evans and Nichol who shared flying/crewing.

177 OK: now re-gelled and Wurdikind (sic) connectors have been installed. Now needs some work to pass CofA, in plan to complete in Feb. (Completed)
DGK OK: Now needs some work to pass CofA, in plan to complete in Feb, then rewiring the cockpit will be done before the season really gets going. New GPS, logger, parachute, batteries (now 4) chargers (2)
Trailers need some work - when the weather improves (de-rusting, running gear, rear door and dolly wheel (on 177's), vent on at least DGKs)

177 now on Lasham Regional Comps waiting list (19-27/7). Anyone wishing to fly please let Nichol know asap; open to all - we will have a ballot. Open to ideas about how best to assign places.
Trip to Jaca - yo ! Anyone else going let Richard Whitaker or Douglas Knox know
Terry is happy to take people for AirEx on Fridays, by arrrangement. Encourage AirEx eves, get people on to evening courses, tell your friends about us

Treasurers Report

2002 was a reasonable year, with Terry just balancing the running budget, and we had good news from the IBM Club Treasurer about slightly increased fees for 03. Fees will remain unchanged in 2003.
Capital expenditure was released by the IBM club to make the changes mentioned above, so we now have a safe and well equipped fleet.
The outlook is that we will continue to remain viable, barring serious emergency expenditure.
New scheme (Syndicate/Club split) still seems to be working and will be continued in 2003.

Further comments, suggestions or whatever: please contact one of the committee.
Have a great 2003!

To contact the club about these minutes or anything else related to the club please use the following:
CHAIRMAN: Nichol Riggott RIGGOTN@uk.ibm.com office Tel: 0207 202 6243
TREASURER: Terry Salter terry@tsalter.freeserve.co.uk
SECRETARY: Mike Evans mike.evans@zetnet.uk