Lasham Club House, Sat, 1 st Feb 2003



Received from: Tony Baker

Approval of Minutes

Chairman’s Report

Huge thanks to Terry in particular for managing the money and coping with my poor admin again ! And to Mike E for continuing to manage the website, chase around the country delivering and collecting kit (like the new GPS). To Mike E and John D for continuing to care for 177 and DGK.
Thanks to everyone for making it another fine year, and for coming to the AGM, good to see so many familiar faces.

And thank you to all the Cross Country members who’s contribution makes a significant impression to the IBM club. I hope you will continue support in 2003.


Fleet News
Flying Summary:



Treasurers Report (update due from Terry)

2002-03 Income /Expenditure

Income 2002 2003

Expenditure 2002 2003


Full 805 805

Retired 1109 1109

Guests 160 160

IBM Grant 1062 1500

Flying fees 647 680

TOTAL 3783 4254

Insurance 1902 2000


Trailerage 1270 1310

BGA/CoA 120 140

Misc 491 500

TOTAL 3783 3950


Discussion on Club Structure, fees etc


Election of Offices

All posts are available to volunteers, to take over from current Officers (in brackets).

Elected were: Chairman (Nichol Riggott); Treasurer (Terry Salter); Secretary and comms. Officer (Mike Evans); ‘Glider Carers’, for DGK (John Dunman) and 177 (Mike Evans). Douglas Knox agreed to continue as parachute ‘marshal’, to ensure they stay in date (ideal as he is an ex parachutist)?



See summary in 4. above. Any further comments, suggestions or whatever please contact one of the committee. Have a Great 2003, Nichol


To contact the club about these minutes or anything else related to the club please use the following:

CHAIRMAN: Nichol Riggott, Tel: 020 7202 6243

Home: 023 923 46005

TREASURER: Terry Salter,

SECRETARY: Mike Evans,

Updated figures from Terry’s at the AGM – new club grant included