IBM Gliding Club AGM/Lunch


Lasham Club House 1pm Sat 8th May 2004-05-03

Updates, to the initial Agenda text are in bold (i.e. for the minutes)



  1. Apologies
  2. Approval of Minutes
  3. Chairman’s Report
  4. Treasurer’s Report
  5. Election of Officers
  6. Discussion: Club Structure; Fees; Activities; ….
  7. AOB
  8. Actions
  9. Phone List


1)     Apologies

Received From: Mike Evans, John Cruttenden, Richard Whitaker


2)     Approval of Minutes

Proposed by Terry Salter, seconded by Dave Sinclair


3)     Chairman’s Report

2003 was a good year for the club in terms of membership income and use of gliders, with over £2,500 in fees and 3 new members (Justin Gosney, Andy Angell and Alison Booker), though less good news on the competition front. 177 had a heavy landing on the first day (although finished 4th) which cost us 2 days flying, and consequently we finished well down the field.


Stewart Watson is now solo and testing DGK’s qualities including the trailer; John Dunman remains our most consistent user however.


Terry et al have made a magnificent job of rewiring of DGKs panel, including the GPS and locked down logger. Huge thanks for that. Some work now needs to be done on the trailer, Stewart seems to have the best idea about what needs doing there. The tow hitch was replaced last year, vents added and it was professionally serviced.


177’s trailer had the same professional treatment, so both are in fundamentally sound condition. 177 has had some regelling work (following the heavy landing last summer in the comps.). The canopy fits better than ever now thanks to the efforts of Steve Jones at Southern Sailplanes, who was excellent throughout the repair including trailering it back and forth. Mike Evans also did a few runs to Membury so many thanks for that.


Mike, formerly of this parish, is now living a stone’s throw from Shobdon and has suggested a more local resource to take on the secretary job. Offers welcome.


177 is entered in the comps again but Mike will not be taking up his place. Please let me know as soon as possible if you would like fly in the comps; we will have a ballot to decide who flies if we need to.

Stewart Watson was entered, in the end there were only two flying days, neither at weekends so Stewart is yet to make a start in competitions. There is always 2005!


In March there was a club trip to Jaca; Dave Sinclair, Douglas Knox and Nichol Riggott enjoyed 4 days of excellent flying in the Spanish Pyrenees, plus two days of skiing and a day out to the superb Loarre Castle (with Lasham Member Grant Smith). The accommodation, food and hospitality added to the pleasure of the trip and we hope for a return visit in the near future. Lasham arranges trips March and September.


K6 Inspections: As at 11/10/04 Terry Salter will be talking to Colin Watt, who may be able to make the initial inspection (actually due by 1st Oct) and we hope the BGA will clarify the situation. Apparently they misunderstood the initial warning. It is now likely that it just needs that external inspection, if this is ok then a more thorough view (perhaps with small holes cut in fabric) will be done at Cof A time.

Until the initial external  inspection is done I would say DGK is U/S.


4)     Treasurer’s Report - Summary



2004 (est)










 We agreed to try to manage within the budget set but if there was a significant shortfall that could not be met by IBM Club funding, members would contribute the difference based on a pro-rata as measured by flying time.

5)     Election of Officers

Mike has offered to step down as Secretary (due to moving away), other officers are happy to remain in post though a change is always welcome.

The club (and its various members of course) offers their deep gratitude to Mike Evans for many years in various posts on the committee – perhaps his “me and the IBM gliding club” life story would make a good entry to the re-launched website. Dave Sinclair agreed to step forward to take on the role; also to manage the migration of the website. Welcome Dave and good luck.

6)     Discussion: Club Structure; Fees; Activities; ….

Possible topics

    1. Replacement glider
    2. Re-gel 177 wings
    3. Other capital items
    4. Jaca,
    5. New members (inc. Cross Country)
    6. Website: placement and management; articles and items 
    7. AirEx. (IGC or North Harbour)


Significant debate resulted in the following resolutions; to:

1.      Apply for funding to replace part of the fleet with a newer fibreglass glider.

2.      Capital items likely to be needed are: wing-covers, new metal trestles, tow-out gear (new and or improved), weather sealing for DGK trailer,

3.      Insurance excess (£500): we should initially appeal to the IBM Club; next find the funding from within the gliding subsection (the IGC); with the balance coming from the pilot (depending on the circumstances of the incident). The IBM Club Treasurer (Dave Bradshaw agreed this in broad terms – lets hope we do not need to use it)

7)     AOB


Any questions to:

CHAIRMAN:        Nichol Riggott,           Tel: 0207 202 6243 (internal 436243)                                     Home: 023 923 46005

TREASURER:Terry Salter,       

SECRETARY: Mike Evans,

                                                (to be Dave Sinclair

Parachute Marshall: Douglas Knox

Glider carer DGK: John Dunman

Glider carer 177: Mike Evans  (new carer TBC)

8)     Actions


1.      Migrate the website – Dave Sinclair/Nichol Riggott

2.      Write the case for glider replacement – Nichol Riggott

3.      release a list of members mobile phone numbers – Nichol Riggott

4.      Volunteer to be 177 ‘Glider Carer’ to replace Mike E. – Anyone not on the committee

5.      Encourage new members – All

6.      Tidy and clean both trailers (out of season job) – All, but need volunteers to organise

7.      CofA – All, but need volunteers to organise (say Jan/Feb)

8.      Prepare laminated checklist for rigging, de-rigging, flight prep etc – Stewart Watson (plus ‘training video’ ??)

9.      Corrections to phone list – All, let Nichol know