IBM Gliding Club AGM – Minutes


Lasham Club House 8:30pm Sat 30th July 2005-07-29


Present:  Nichol Riggott, Terry Salter, Dave Sinclair, Dennis Powell, John Taylor, John Cruttenden



1.      Apologies

2.      Approval of Minutes

3.      Chairman’s Report

4.      Treasurer’s Report

5.      Election of Officers

6.      Discussion: Club Structure; Fees; Activities; ….

7.      AOB


1)     Apologies

Received From: Stewart Watson, Richard Whitaker

2)     Approval of Minutes

The 2005 minutes were unanimously approved.

3)     Chairman’s Report

2004 was a good year for the club though activity was slightly down on 2003 which was an excellent year.


Due to members buying in to other gliders there was less contention for the IBM fleet over the summer: Dave Sinclair now has a turbo Discus BT (BT), and Terry has enhanced his 2-seater wings, also with a turbo Nimbus 3DT (PE).


The re-gelling work around the wheel-box of 177 (at Fripps) is complete and DGK has passed its crucial (but expensive) safety inspection; this work was completed by Tim Dews (Airborne Composites) along with both CofAs.


A request was made for a glider replacement fund via the IBM North Harbour Club, and accepted.


Many thanks to all those who helped in this and other activities keeping the fleet flying especially Terry (as always) and Stewart for his 2 trips to Warminster.


Members News


Dave Sinclair took over as secretary and amongst other sterling efforts has made a sensational job of the new-look web site. Worth a look:


Nichol has been leading a drive to generate new membership – this has lead to the new members offer: 20% off IGC membership, which then entitles the bearer to 10% off courses at Lasham up to Sept this year. Lasham were very supportive of this initiative, we hope all current IGC members encourage potential candidates to take this up.


We have also posted adverts offering Guest Membership to Lasham members with Silver C [We will remove the Silver C requirement to broaden the catchment]; £600. Let everyone know.

4)     Treasurer’s Report – Summary




2005 (est)











As with 2004 we agreed to try to manage within the budget set but if there was a significant shortfall that could not be met by IBM Club funding, members would contribute an agreed portion  of the difference based on a pro-rata as measured by flying time.

5)     Election of Officers

All posts are up for re-election.

The existing officers were re-elected.

Nichol Riggott – Chairman

Terry Salter – Treasurer

Dave Sinclair - Secretary

6)     Discussion: Club Structure; Fees; Activities; ….

Terry reported that there is a new mandatory inspection outstanding for the K6CR, that must be completed by Aug 15th.  This relates to the elevator trim.


Terry reported that due to the move within the membership to private ownership, the members are largely now non-syndicate members.   This will lead to a shortfall in income versus expenditure this year.


The meeting discussed various options for addressing this shortfall.


Options :          Keep the K6 in the trailer (saves 620 pounds per year).  Disadvantage is that this is likely to reduce its usage.

Sell K6  (insurance trailerage saving would be 2020 pounds).  Disadvantages:  removes access to an early solo machine for club members and prevents more than one person flying on any given day.


Further discussion covered:  increasing fees, seeking more funding, obtaining more members.  Possible sources for new members were thought to be the Power Club, the younger generation, or the retiree population.   Other ideas included emailing the new graduate population, and using materials from interesting/exciting aspects of gliding (eg mountain/competition flying) to generate interest in prospective members.  That being said however, we need to find members that are already post solo, or close to post solo if these members are to generate revenue into the IBM club, rather than into Lasham.


Terry Salter will be canvassing the evening group leaders to encourage budding solo pilots to consider the IBM club as a possible first step.


7)1)         AOB


8)2)         Actions arising

DS to draft a letter for NR to send to the evening group leaders to see if they have an possible membership candidates  also, DS, NR, TS to  attempt to speak on  phone or in person to these team leaders.


NR to update North Harbour Club treasurer on outlook for this year’s financial results, together with potential plans for next year to address this problem.


DS to obtain pictures from JC and use as publicity material on the web site and elsewhere.

9)3)         Telephone List


                           Mobile                                    Home

·        Nichol Riggott        07703 598171             02392 346005

·        Dave Sinclair          0797 0701541             01962-854775

·        Terry Salter                                                01306-712718