IBM Gliding Club AGM – Minutes


Lasham Club House 8.30am Sat 26 August 2006


  1. Apologies
  2. Approval of Minutes
  3. Chairman’s Report
  4. Treasurer’s Report
  5. Election of Officers
  6. Discussion: Club Structure; Fees; Activities; ….
  7. AOB


1)     Apologies

Received From: Guy Biddlecombe, Peter Lazell

2)     Approval of Minutes

The 2006 minutes were unanimously approved (proposed TS, seconded DK)

3)     Chairman’s Report

2005 was a good year for the club activity was slightly up on 177 but down on DGK.  Notably we have four new members: Chris Davison, Guy Biddlecombe (ab initio, introduced by the club’s old friend Mike Roseblade), Peter Lazell (ab initio, retiree: ‘inducted’ by Terry Salter with Flying Start), Mike Small (new in to IBM, already a member of Crown Services at Lasham). 


Both gliders ‘flew through’ their C of As, as last year done by Tim Dews.


Many thanks to all those who helped in all activities: keeping the fleet flying especially Terry, as always for keeping the books honest and Dave Sinclair and Douglas Knox for making “C of A trips” to Airborne  Composites.


Dave Sinclair has continued as secretary and maintains the website.  Worth a look:


The web site shows the current new members offer: 20% off IGC membership, which now entitles the bearer to 20% off Lasham membership and no joining fee, once they have done a Lasham course, well worth it.


There is a Family Fun day at North Harbour on Sat 17th Sept, at which the glider is ‘expected’ as a show piece on the grass next to main reception.  Dave Sinclair and Nichol Riggott will be there, all others welcome.  Good time to recruit as we will also be armed with a glider simulator and Jaca DVD footage.


As with previous years we agreed to try to manage within the club budget, but if there was a significant short fall that could not be met by IBM Club funding, members would contribute the difference based on the pr-rate as measured by flying time. 


4)     Treasurer’s Report – Summary


Terry reported that we are likely to end just in the black this year, due to revision of the insurance as a Syndicate rather than Club category.


5)     Election of Officers

The meeting thanked Terry Salter for 10 years of outstanding service as Treasurer.


All posts are up for re-election.   Nichol proposed Douglas Knox for Ttreasurer, Dave Sinclair seconded and Douglas was elected unopposed.


The following existing officers were re-elected unopposed.


Nichol Rigott – Chairman

Dave Sinclair – Secretary


6)     Discussion: Club Structure; Fees; Activities; ….


The meeting discussed the effectiveness/viability of keeping DGK in the hangar or in the trailer.  There was some concern regarding whether DGK would be ok in the trailer permanently, since it is not completely waterproof.  Also, would it get flown less if it needed rigging each time?  There would be a cost saving though, which might help fund a self rigging aid for 177.   Stewart to look into how useful a self rigging aid would be.


The meeting also discussed how to encourage new members.  This included programmes to encourage more trial lessons.  Would the IBM club subsidise a trial lesson afternoon for those who express an interest at the Fun Day?  Or would encouraging folks to take a short initial course be better?  Past experience has shown that courses are more effective than trial lessons in capturing members.


There is no need to change the fee structure next year.

7)     AOB


8)     Actions arising

1)      DS to check with Colin Raisey regarding weight limit on DGK.

2)      DS to add a check on the website to see how many hits and maybe follow up on anyone who looks at it.

3)      SW to look into the cost/viability of self rigging aids.  Possible sources are:,

4)      TS to contact Chris Davidson, Guy Biddlecombe and Peter Lazell to see how they are progressing.

5)      NR to investigate waterproofing of DGK’s trailer

6)      NR to arrange a general advert for the Family Day

7)      DS whether we can have a mailing list/editable section on the web site to allow either booking or informing folks when their intentions to fly are

8)      DS to update the web site with more modern gliders to give a more up to date impression of the IBM fleet