Ka6 CR Technical Data

Note, these limits don't look the same as on the K6 placard - and need to be checked




Maximum Flight Speed (V.N.E.)
Speed Limit 200 km/h/ 108 kts
Permitted Speed Limit
In Gusty weather
140 km/h /76kts
140 km/h /76kts
Winch/Auto tow
100 km/h /54 kts
Empty Weight
180 KGs /396 lbs
Permitted Max flight weight
300 KGs /660 lbs
Suitable for cloud flying.
however this is not permitted without a G meter which DGK does not have
G Loading
Highest Permitted Multiple Positive Load
+4.0 g
Highest Permitted Multiple Negative Load
-2.0 g
Minimum Descent Rate
Straight stall
68 kph /36 kts
Best L/D
80 kph /43 kts
30 degree bank
72 kph /38 kts
45 degree bank
80 kph /43 kts
60 degree bank
95 kph/ 51 kts