In many ways, gliding is more a drain on time than money. Most pilots find the pre-solo training phase is the most expensive. The IBM Gliding Club (IGC) provides a subsidy for pilots who join us when training. This is paid into your Lasham flying account, ready for your first solo flights.

After a number of solo flights, and approval from the IGC committee, IBM pilots can fly the IGC gliders at very competitive rates. There are many options for learning to fly - you decide what suits you best.

For current prices of Lasham Membership see the Lasham web site.


The various IGC fees are described below. Actual fees are available on request from club officers

Entrance Fee Applies to all new members
Syndicate Includes membership and ALL flying fees.
Priority access to 177
Full* Access by arrangement to 177, including right to hire all year; discounted fees
Pre-solo Flying subsidy and reduced Full fee after solo
Cross-country Map. Right to hire out of season.
Family** Additional family member; same benefits as Full or Pre-solo member
Guest As per Full membership

* Full membership applies to members of IBM Club UK, for any location. This requires that you have an IBM UK payroll number, and contribute monthly to an IBM location club. (How does this apply to retirees?)

** Applies to family of Full or Pre-solo member only.

The following conditions apply to membership:

1. Members agree to abide by the rules of the club.
2. Members agree to assist wherever possible with the maintenance of the club's equipment.
3. Members agree to share in the uninsured cost of any damage I cause to the club's equipment.

Below are examples of the options for learning to glide at Lasham. Actual costs depend on the mix of launches you take, how much soaring you do and how long you leave it between lessons - more details in the training section.

There are other options, so please ask Lasham or the IGC Committee so you can consider what best suits your available time.

Evening Option
Spreads the cost, but you still need to do more flying, incl. aerotows
Evening Option fee: £270
Lasham Membership: £340
reduction if you join in June, plus joining fee)
Additional flying: £600; say 40 winch launches, five aerotows and soaring fees
One Week Course
A great, concentrated start
Course fee: £430 ('off peak') - includes three month membership
Lasham Membership: £170 - reduced to 50% for rest of year
Additional Flying: �600; say 40 winch launches, five aerotows and soaring fees
Full Evening Course
Spreads the cost through the year and you get to know the regulars
Lasham Membership: £340
Lasham Joining Fee: £55
Flying fees: £824; say 60 winch launches, five aerotows and soaring fees
Post solo
Annual Cost (typical)
Once you're solo you should fly as much as you can - after all, that's why you learned!