IGC - The IBM Gliding Club

Thank you for showing an interest in joining the IBM Gliding Club (IGC). I hope you will find the facts contained in this document useful and will encourage you to develop your initial interest by joining us, using the application form. If you do decide to join us, I'm confident you will never regret it! Gliding is a most rewarding sport - a sport that covers so many other subjects:

Learning to fly
Air law

Equally, as far as the actual flying is concerned, your learning is never finished. You will always have some goal you're wanting to reach! There are a number of records set by glider pilots that will amaze you.

Although we have endeavoured to include the latest information, obviously special training offers and prices may differ from time to time. Therefore, if you want to know more, or have any specific queries, why not contact any of the committee.

The IBM Gliding Club (IGC) can subsidise your gliding costs, no matter what your level of expertise. All we ask from you is a certain amount of co-operation. Our philosophy is to subsidise flying costs. We do not offer a subsidy towards the cost of membership of Lasham Gliding Society (LGS). To do so would contravene the rules of the parent IBM North Harbour club. Furthermore, we aim to romote flying - subsidising the cost of membership does not prompt people to fly.

To make the most of gliding, and specifically the IGC:

  1. Complete and return the application form with the appropriate joining fee.
  2. Contact the committee for information on meetings, course places and so on.
  3. Join Lasham Gliding Society - so you can start using their training facilities.
To enable us to continue subsidising your flying, we need to keep our overheads to a minimum. We therefore ask you to do the following:
  1. Report promptly any defects or incidents, however trivial, as failure to do so will delay rectification and render the aircraft unserviceable, preventing others from flying. It could also invalidate our insurance.
  2. Help with the various tasks associated with keeping two aircraft in an airworthy condition, and two trailers roadworthy.
In return, you will receive a subsidy in one of two forms: