IBM Gliding Club News

20 Mar 2010


The IBM Gliding Club is actively seeking to re-activate the Lasham Club offer, which would provide discount for groups of IBMers to attend a flying course and then join Lasham as a flying member.

If you are thinking of gliding with some mates - this is the time to do it!

IBM Glider 177 will go for it's annual inspection and be upgraded with the latest safety device (FLARM) in April.

Nov 2009

Sadly, the IBM K6 has now been sold - it remains at Lasham however. We hope with the extra funds generated to upgrade our other single seater in the future.

Terry Salter took 177 to Aboyne recently – 12000 ft in the wave – here are some pictures.




07 Aug 2005

This week, Lasham hosts the National Open and Club Class nationals.   IBM Club member, Richard Whitaker, flying his Ventus B, 443, took advantage of the unusually good weather (for competitions that is) to fly his first 500 km flight (Lasham, Grantham, Ilsley, Banbury, Lasham).  Here’s his account and a map of the flight:

“Yesterday was definitely the day of the year for me.  I had to launch at 10:20 to be sure of getting off before the comp, which was nearly my undoing as I ended up waffling around Old Basing at 800ft - so had to dump my water. However conditions gradually improved and by the time the comp had finished lauching I was passing Bicester and it was starting to get really good, with good streets and 4000ft cloudbases, even though some of the clouds were a bit ill-defined.


It was quite a long haul into a 12-18kt headwind but I made it to Grantham at 14:15 - only 15min behind my target. I then had a superb downwind dash to Ilsley, just south of Didcot - 160km in an hour and a half! Then it was the dreaded headwind again, but the streets were working superbly and by this time the cloudbase was 6000ft ASL. Turned Banbury at 16:41, then found a superb thermal over the town to climb at 5kt average to cloudbase. At 6000ft, with only 100km to go, a tailwind and a classic sky ahead, I could finally relax! I only turned twice on the final leg, and the second turn was unnecessary - I just wanted a bit of height in hand in case Lasham was busy with finishers. Within 50min I was back at the circuit at Lasham!”



|Click here to see a map of Richard’s task.