Gliding Records

Some gliding records and other interesting statistics

World records

Longest flight 2,049 km
1,273 miles
T.R.Delore (New Zealand) - ASW20 5.11.1994
'out & return'
1,646 km
1,023 miles
T.L.Knauff (USA) - Nimbus 3 25.4.1983
Greatest altitude 14,930 metres
48,985 feet
R.R.Harris (USA) - Grob G1021 7.2.1986
Fastest 100 km triangle 217 kph
135 mph
J.Payne (USA) - Discus A 4.3.1997

United Kingdom records

Longest flight 1,008 km
626 miles
C.Pullen & C.C.Rollings - ASH25 22.7.1995
'out & return'
803 km - 499 miles
C.Garton - Kestrel 22.7.1976
Greatest altitude 11,570 metres
37,061 feet
C.C.Rollings & B.Hicks - DG500 8.10.1995
Fastest 100 km triangle 133 kph
83 mph
P.Jeffery - LS7-WL 1.8.1995

Did you know?

- Five current (Jan.2002) World Gliding Champions are British
- and two of these are Lasham based?
- some 'Open Class' gliders have a longer wingspan - 27 metres (88 feet) - than Concorde
- the first pilot to win the World Championship three times in a row is British

George Lee won the Open Class (unlimited wingspan) at three consecutive World Championships, in 1976, 1978 and 1981.

- on a busy summer weekend, Lasham has more 'movements' than Heathrow
- a glider can fly as slow as 40 knots (46 mph) in a 'thermal', but can reach up to 135 knots (155 mph) on 'final glide' (a racing finish after a cross-country competition flight)
- a glider can remain stationary. Flying into wind in 'wave' lift, a glider's ground speed may be zero, while climbing vertically at 10 knots!
- on a winch launch, a glider accelerates from rest to 60 mph in less than three seconds - (ask you Ferrari-owning friends how long they take!)
- on a good day, over 30 Lasham pilots will be soaring cross-country for five hours, or longer, to Wales, the Midlands or East Anglia
- at Lasham, you will find an IBM Director, students (incl. teenagers flying solo), farmers, airline pilots, bankers, school teachers, doctors and nurses, top professionals - in fact, people from all walks of life
- a glider can cost from as little as 4,000, for a used wooden single-seater, to over 100,000 for a new carbon-fibre two-seater with retractable engine
- two people can rig (assemble), or de-rig a glider in about ten minutes, and some pilots rig single-handed, using appropriate aids
- when Lasham hosts the National Gliding Championships, up to 100 gliders take part and they can all be launched in one hour
- gliders may fly in cloud (in Britain), and some types can perform aerobatics
- gliders have crossed the Alps, the English Channel, the Straits of Gibraltar and the Cook Straight (NZ)

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