Welcome to the IBM Gliding Club (IGC) web page.  (Last update 3 July 2011)

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The club has been established for over 25 years, so has quite a history.

Over the years we have seen scores of members progress from their first flights in training through to cross country competition and aerobatics.

Gliding brings a whole range of rewards and experiences, and demands a similarly wide range of skills development. From simply understanding the effects of the controls, to navigation, communication and airlaw. As you train, these skills are taught and developed in a precise and controlled way. Why not come along and try it straight away!

The IBM Gliding Club (IGC) is based at Lasham airfield near Basingstoke in Hampshire, home to one of the world's premier clubs which provides superb training facilities, equipment, accommodation - everything you need, in fact. We hangar and fly our single seater glider there and as well as many other places around the world.

We hope that with the information on these web pages, and through the programmes being developed by the IGC, that we can introduce you to an activity which is far more challenging, satisfying, accessible and affordable than you ever imagined.

Members of IGC are encouraged to send in their news for inclusion in the Members' News page, particularly of flights that are likely to interest others.

You can start gliding at any time of the year, so why not apply now and start right away. There's a whole range of courses to suit your time - and your pocket. In fact the time commitment to gliding, is usually more significant than the financial one! You can choose from many options to complete your training, and start to fly the IGC aircraft at a significant cost saving over public clubs.

For more information contact one of the club officers, and watch your local notice boards for announcements about upcoming events. Other sections in this newsletter will tell you more about the IGC, Lasham and learning to fly - the natural way!